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      If you try to do much more thanthat, you will find the process can get a little slow and tediousrather quickly. Wereally liked the design of the EcoBind C's punch handle. Also, users of either persuasionwill find that the ability to switch hands (or to use both) duringbigger jobs leads to much less fatigue. That is some pretty remarkable flexibility for anymachine, and it is important to note that some of these features arepretty rarely found at this end of the binding machine spectrum.

      There are not a lot, if any,binding machines on the market, even entry level type comb bindingmachines like this, that give businesses and individuals such a lowcost method of doing their own binding. Users who need to bind legal sizedsheets or other large format documents may want to consider a legalsized machine such as the Akiles Megabind One. When you are binding thicker books,for instance, you'll find that the pages turn more easily (and stay inthe book longer) if the holes are just a little bit further in. Because thehandles of most manual binding machines are located on the right side,the lefties among us can have a hard time using them. What this means to you is that you'll beable to punch and bind documents in any size in which you can find thebinding supplies. TheEcoBind C's depth of margin punch control lets you make that adjustmentas you see fit. However, you should know that this is a machine that isdesigned for low volume applications, meaning it is probably best usedfor binding just a few books per day.

      Thismachine makes it easy to punch and bind documents with binding edgesthat are shorter than twelve inches. When you are binding using the plastic comb method, it is veryimportant to adjust the distance of the holes from the edge of yourbook depending on its thickness. Strengths: Byany estimation, one would have to say that the main strength of theEcoBind C is the remarkably low price. The EcoBind C comes witha very versatile and high quality comb opener that will allow Potato Chips Production Line Manufacturers you touse just about any comb binding supplies on the market.Designed for low volume jobs in small tomedium organizations, the EcoBind C is an entry-level comb bindingmachine that includes a lot of features for a relatively low price. Werecently gave this machine a good close look and compiled a list ofwhat we considered to be its strengths and weaknesses. Though it isan economical machine, its has the same capabilities of bindingmachines costing much more. Larger volume users may want to consider a comb bindingmachine with an electric punching mechanism. The EcoBind C,however, has a punch handle that goes across the machine, making itjust as easy for lefties as righties. For instance, its punching capacity ofabout 20 pages of 20 lb paper per lift is about as impressive as youare going to find for such a small machine, and we really liked thatAkiles designed the EcoBind C with both an open throat and fullydisengageable punching pins.

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