• Compulsive overeaters use the food


      However, there is no empirical evidence to prove either hypothesis.Millions of Americans suffer from compulsive overeating. Most don’t recognize this dynamic until it is pointed out since it is often driven subconsciously. Ironically, though, the greater one’s emotional health and well being, the greater one takes care of themselves, which includes eating a healthy diet without abusing food.

      As I stated earlier, food is sustenance, nothing more or less! Yet, many counselors, eating disorder specialists and even well known published authors profess that the key to overcoming an eating disorder lies within the food. You could eat “Kibbles and Bits, and it wouldn’t make one bit of difference.Compulsive overeaters use the food to gain weight in an effort to pad themselves from society or as a means of protection from those who have abused or mistreated them.

      Accordingly, food provides comfort and serves as a diversion from difficult emotional issues and feelings. There are, indeed, several components to this disorder which can appear in varying degrees from one case to the next.But, if you peer deeply into the minds of compulsive overeaters, I have found that there are generally two main thought processes that drive their behavior. Folks who struggle with compulsive overeating often struggle with personal identity and personal power. The food acts as a diversion from emotional issues and feelings.If you’d like more information on how to overcome addiction, subscribe to my free e-course below……overcoming addictionaddictionsRegards,


      It is purely sustenance – nothing more, nothing less! You shouldn’t have a relationship with food – period! If you want to evaluate your relationships start by examining the one you have with yourself then move to those in your immediate family! Another theory that is often at the forefront is hyper-palatable or semi-automatic cookie machine trigger-foods

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